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Do Iraqis Need to Reconcile with the Sunni Sheikhs of Amman?

Ever since ISIS stormed Mosul in the summer 2014 and swept across swathes of Iraqi towns and villages, Western and Arab pundits have insisted that only local Sunni forces would be capable of defeating the transnational terror group. Last week, Iraq’s military leadership announced that ISIS now controls less than 7% of Iraqi territory, and yet with the exception of a handful of prominent Sunni tribes including the Jughayfa of Haditha and the Shammar of Ninewa, local Sunni armed groups have played a minimal role in defeating the ISIS occupation. The vast majority of these battles have been led...

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Current Iraqi Economic Outlook and Future Prospects

Ahmed Al Kaabi The Middle East is one of the wealthiest regions in the world in terms of its immense natural resources and wealth. Disputes over them plague the region. Armed conflicts, economic and political turmoil, and falling oil prices have caused many of these disturbances. Hence, Middle Eastern countries, like Iraq, suffer from very high market instability. Most multinational companies are not attracted to such countries because of these reasons. At the same time, Iraq’s market is very large and is well positioned in the Middle East (Bloomberg, 2015). There have also been some recent events that illustrate...

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The Chapter After ISIS in the New Iraq: Reflections on Security and Social Development

It is said that mismanagement is the illegitimate father to all types of corruption (administrative, financial, security, and social). Strong management comes from a firm will; this firmness depends on many attributes such as A) the clarity of purpose; B) the justice of the cause; C) the legitimacy of the objectives and D) the aspirations of the oppressed to the realization of their right. We have heard more than enough from senior Iraqi officials who claim that the next year is the year of construction or the year to fight against corruption or … etc. We simply need these...

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Democracy and the Iraqi Collective

It has been a long journey, full of pain and sacrifice, but Iraqi forces are on the precipice of achieving what many said they could not. With the near liberation of Mosul and thereafter the whole of Iraq from the savagery of Daesh, it is useful to reflect on some key lessons: During my tenure as Iraq’s Ambassador to Japan, I learned through coexistence with the Japanese how a strong social foundation can be a guarantee against the mightiest earthquake or tsunami. The development of resilience and perseverance in the Japanese character is the most important capital for its...

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The Geneva Conference: Last Stand for Exiled Sunnis

By Ihsan Noori & Ali Hadi Al-Musawi Iraqi Sunni politicians gathered in Switzerland last week for yet another conference that was marred by mystery and intrigue. After conferences in Doha and Amman in 2015, and Paris last year, the “Geneva Conference” was held on February 15 and 16 in Montreux, 93 km east of Geneva. Like its predecessors, the event raised important questions about the intent of the organizers and whether it would produce any meaningful outcomes. The European Institute of Peace (EIP) hosted the event, which brought together several controversial Sunni figures, government officials and a handful of foreign...

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