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New Polygamy Bill Challenges Iraq’s Family Dynamic

By Walaa Al-Taee In the upcoming months, Iraqi MP Jamila Al-Obeidi will present polygamy law to the Council of Representatives that would grant a financial reward to married men who choose to take another wife. Mrs. Al-Obeidi, not only believes the bill would be instrumental in solving Iraq’s problem with the growing number of widowed and divorced women, but she went on to give a televised interview calling married women who opposed the bill “selfish.” Many female MPs have already denounced the bill, claiming that giving men a sum of money to take on a second wife is “insulting to...

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Building a Nation, Between a Dream and its Possibility (Part I)

Who are we? Where do we want to go? How can we come together as Iraqis as we endeavour to march towards building a strong community against all kinds of malignant cancers such as Daesh and others? I will try to answer some of the above questions, maybe so that it can help us to define the parameters of our collective journey since the journey so far has been filled with social, security, economic and political crises. Every day we see the introduction of new initiatives, some labeled as a historic settlement initiative, others called reconciliation initiative or other...

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Can Iraqi Campuses Remain Politics Free During Election Season?

Over the past six weeks, two incidents involving politicians visiting Iraqi university campuses have been met with unhappy students protesting their visits. They were dealt with very differently and have raised serious questions and concerns about how the Iraqi state can protect freedom of speech and hold those intolerant to opposing opinions accountable. The first incident occurred on February 28, when Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi held his weekly cabinet meeting in Wasit province, south-east of Baghdad. The Prime Minister occasionally holds his cabinet meetings outside the capital to connect with the rest of the country. That day Abadi decided...

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Do Iraqis Need to Reconcile with the Sunni Sheikhs of Amman?

Ever since ISIS stormed Mosul in the summer 2014 and swept across swathes of Iraqi towns and villages, Western and Arab pundits have insisted that only local Sunni forces would be capable of defeating the transnational terror group. Last week, Iraq’s military leadership announced that ISIS now controls less than 7% of Iraqi territory, and yet with the exception of a handful of prominent Sunni tribes including the Jughayfa of Haditha and the Shammar of Ninewa, local Sunni armed groups have played a minimal role in defeating the ISIS occupation. The vast majority of these battles have been led...

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Current Iraqi Economic Outlook and Future Prospects

Ahmed Al Kaabi The Middle East is one of the wealthiest regions in the world in terms of its immense natural resources and wealth. Disputes over them plague the region. Armed conflicts, economic and political turmoil, and falling oil prices have caused many of these disturbances. Hence, Middle Eastern countries, like Iraq, suffer from very high market instability. Most multinational companies are not attracted to such countries because of these reasons. At the same time, Iraq’s market is very large and is well positioned in the Middle East (Bloomberg, 2015). There have also been some recent events that illustrate...

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