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Life in Baghdad: Joy Amid the Chaos of War

A rare and surprising look at the everyday lives of ordinary young Iraqis. Against the backdrop of war, life goes on. Families are still attending carnivals and eating ice cream, young boys are diving into canals, teenagers are dancing in the streets. Most videos from Iraq don’t make you smile. This one will.

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Abadi Must Intervene to Protect Civil Liberties in Kurdistan

On October 10, four people were killed when security forces opened fire against protesters in Iraq’s Kurdistan region. Protesters were demanding their salaries to be paid and the ousting of the Kurdistan Regional Government President Masoud Barzani. The KRG is no stranger to angry demonstrations, and it is no stranger to putting a violent end to them either. The KRG has a less than pretty record of dealing with demonstrations. The regional government has been criticized multiple times by Human Rights Watch in the past, accusing the government of using violence against protesters and journalists. HRW called on KRG...

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Full text of Prime Minister Abadi’s proposed reform agenda

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s proposed reform agenda was unanimously approved by the Council of Ministers on August 9. Below is a translation of the full text of the plan that has been submitted to the Council of Representatives for approval. The parliamentary session has been scheduled for August 11. After putting our trust in God, and in response to the sincere calls of the astute Marja’iya, which clearly called for political and administrative reform, and with respect for the will of our dear people’s legitimate claims, and in accordance with public interest, and based on Article 78 of the Constitution, we...

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