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The Battle for Iraq is Reaching its Climax: Breakdown of the Battlefields

By Haidar Sumeri The war against Da’ish (aka ISIS/ISIL or the “Islamic State”) in Iraq is a battle for survival. For Iraq, it’s a battle for the country’s future, a battle against a force that threatens to tear the fragile country into pieces. For Da’ish, it’s a battle for the survival of the core of the caliphate, the place where it all began over a decade ago. This piece will take you on a tour of the battles raging across multiple provinces in Iraq.   Baghdad Baghdad has seen better days but the beleaguered capital of Iraq today finds...

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Major Iraq: The Story Of An Iraqi Hero

Haidar Sumeri Twitter “No retreat! Long live Iraq!” were the last words war correspondent Major Alaa Al-Edani yelled out before losing consciousness. Just minutes before, he was warned by his fellow soldiers that the area they were entering hadn’t been cleared of IEDs yet. In keeping with his determined and courageous manner, he replied “I’m an officer, I’ll go wherever you go.” He was embedded with an Iraqi army unit that was conducting clearing operations in the rural Zaydan village west of Baghdad, a volatile hotbed of insurgency that had proved impossible for American troops to clear and has posed even...

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How The Wall Street Journal Was Duped By Barzani Aid Aziz Ahmad

On Wednesday, January 20, the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed for Aziz Ahmad, an aide to Masrour Barzani, the son of the Kurdistan region’s de facto ruler. Ahmad was falsely presented as an ordinary person, when he is an employee of the KRG. It is unclear if the Wall Street Journal was aware of Ahmad’s background and the potential conflict of interest. The op-ed is the latest in a series of attempts by the KRG’s PR to misinform domestic and international public opinion. Here are a few of the inaccuracies made by Ahmad’s op-ed: The current Western strategy...

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Financial Review of Iraq in 2015 and Recommendations for 2016 Onwards

Ammar al-Diwani Twitter With oil prices hitting new lows of USD34 per barrel in 2016, Iraq’s fiscal budget and economy will continue to face challenges as the country stands on the periphery of a financial crisis. This is not eased with the continued costly fight against Daesh/ISIL. Whilst this strain opens up opportunity for economic reform, the Iraqi public and their government will need to prove their commitment to building a better future and their resilience to both a financial and sustained security crisis. The obvious saviour for Iraq’s sorrows would be a rebound in global oil prices. However,...

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