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The Kurds: Everything You Didn’t Know

 (In response to: “The Kurds: Everything You Need to Know” – Dave Rubin talks to Bayan Sami Rahman) Introduction Let me plain at the outset: the idea of inviting Bayan Sami Rahman, the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s (KDP) High Representative to the U.S. (and formerly to the U.K.) onto the Rubin Report without asking one difficult, uncomfortable question about the Kurds, their politics, their claims, or the narrative they are weaving and have been weaving specifically in the Kurdish Region of Iraq, then calling the farce “Everything You Need to Know”, is disingenuous and misleading. How low is the...

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Abd al-Latif al-Humayim and the Struggle for Influence in Ramadi

Political conflict between the Anbar local government and the Sunni Endowment (Sunni Waqf) has intensified four months after Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) retook the city of Ramadi from the so-called Islamic State (IS). On April 22, the Anbar Provincial Council criticized Sunni Waqf Chairman Abd al-Latif al-Humayim for allegedly rushing internally displaced people (IDPs) back to areas in Ramadi that were not properly cleared of explosives, resulting in over one hundred civilian casualties. Al-Humayim, whom PM al-Abadi appointed in February as the head of a committee to oversee the return of displaced people and reconstruction in Ramadi, responded by...

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The Civil Wars of Iraq’s Sunni Tribes: Fault Lines within 8 Sunni tribes and Sub-tribes, 2003-2016.

Robert Tollast Twitter “We had a very poor understanding of the divisions within the tribes, the fact that tribes are not monolithic entities, that there are subentities within tribes, and we didn’t really understand how the insurgency overlaid onto the tribes, and vice versa. For instance, if the Albu Fahad tribe exists as a monolithic entity, then you would assume that every Albu Fahad joins one insurgency, one insurgent group. Of course [that was] not the case, and the Albu Fahad is broken down into many subtribes, and clans, and families, and things, and you actually had an intra-communal...

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The Battle for Iraq is Reaching its Climax: Breakdown of the Battlefields

By Haidar Sumeri The war against Da’ish (aka ISIS/ISIL or the “Islamic State”) in Iraq is a battle for survival. For Iraq, it’s a battle for the country’s future, a battle against a force that threatens to tear the fragile country into pieces. For Da’ish, it’s a battle for the survival of the core of the caliphate, the place where it all began over a decade ago. This piece will take you on a tour of the battles raging across multiple provinces in Iraq.   Baghdad Baghdad has seen better days but the beleaguered capital of Iraq today finds...

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