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Why Iraqi Lawmakers Want to Postpone the Elections

By Ihsan Noori The Iraqi parliament failed to confirm a date for the country’s parliamentary and provincial elections after lawmakers from the National Alliance and Kurdish blocs withdrew from a session on January 18. Sunni MPs requested a secret ballot to postpone the election from the date submitted by the Council of Ministers, May 12, to the first of December this year. Shia and Kurdish MPs broke quorum, leaving only 123 MPs present, which is well below what is required to hold a vote. Prime Minster Haider al-Abadi – who is riding high after leading the country to a...

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How to Avoid the Quick Sands of Analyzing Iraq’s Elections

Without a doubt, the 2018 Iraqi elections are going to be the trickiest thus far in Iraq’s nascent democracy. The outcomes will strongly shape the post-ISIS era, which represents a critical juncture in Iraq’s history. However, the huge number of parties, the changing allegiances of candidates, and alliances that shift within days, if not hours, make it extremely challenging to make sense of the elections. Several Iraq analysts made the mistake of analyzing the alliances presenting their thinking with the presumption that their conclusions are solid and [almost] final. It took sometimes only a few hours to prove that...

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2018: Iraq’s Challenges Ahead

2017 was one of the most significant years in Iraq’s modern history. The significance is not only because of the victory against ISIS, preventing the division of the country, nor the complete removal of the UN sanctions against Iraq. It is more than all that put together. The significance comes from the fact that Iraq showed that it has the potential to overcome the challenges that threatened its existence, proving all the analysis and predictions about its end to be incorrect. It showed that if there is enough will, the impossible can be achieved. That said, the challenges ahead...

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Violence Continues to Fall as Iraq Ushers in the New Year

Civilian casualties from violent attacks in Iraq fell by 45% in December compared to the previous month, according to the United Nations. The figures released by UNAMI show that a total of 69 civilians were killed and 142 injured across Iraq, although casualties in Anbar could not be verified. Since operations to liberate Mosul were launched in October 2016, civilian casualties overall have fallen significantly across the country. UNAMI recorded 1120 deaths in October 2016 – sixteen times higher than last month’s count. Iraq declared victory against Daesh on December 9th, after the last remaining border towns and desert...

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Reflections on Post-Da’ish Iraq – A Vision for Moving Forward

The official declaration of victory by Iraq marking the liberation of our country from Da’ish proved to the world Iraq’s military and psychological resilience to the vicious terrorism of Da’ish. As we enter 2018 victorious on the frontline, the hard work for both the Iraqi state and society does not stop here. Iraq needs to address post-war issues to recover from the negative effects of the cancerous tumour that is Da’ish. Here are my thoughts on what needs to be addressed and how to move forward. From a security standpoint, the brave Iraqi Security Forces extending from the Iraqi...

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